Achton A/S is a family owned company, founded in 1987.

We are a European-based, customer-focused company and an innovative, reliable system supplier of sustainable hygiene dispensing solutions. We design, develop and manufacture a wide range of quality products, primarily aimed for “away from home”. While producing our high quality products, our target goal is, still, to leave the lowest possible amount, of CO2 footprint.


Achton A/S has 2 sites in Denmark.
Site A, being the current main factory, containing Production, tooling, R&D etc. with a grand total of 8200m2.


Site B, was acquired in 2014 with the soul purpose of expanding production capabilities.

Site B is a 12.000m2 facility, currently undergoing a massive rebuilding to optimize the work flow and reduce costs of dispensers.
Site B is planned to be ready for production in last quarter of 2017.